Show Hair Fragrance

Fact:  hair is incredibly 'receptive' to scent. And as the late, great Estée Lauder always advised, misting your 'do' with perfume ensures it hangs around for much, much longer than if you apply to your skin.

So a brand called Show Beauty, innovatively, has come up with a fragrance that's designed for just that.  We rather love it, and if you're drawn to sensual, gourmande-y perfumes, it may well tickle your fancy, too.

Swish your hair, and get a lovely breath of coconut milk, caramel, vanilla, patchouli and soft white musk.  But wait - this is more than just a fragrance.  It also features a shine-enhancing touch of vitamin E, aloe vera and jojoba oil - though we promise, cross our hearts, that it doesn't make hair greasy.

A breath of fresh hair, indeed.

UK readers find Show Beauty Hair Fragrance exclusively at£55 for 30 ml - buy here