Shiffa 1001 Roses Luxury Milk Bath

Cleopatra would have loved this. Next best thing to asses' milk, we say.

Simply throw two tablespoons(ish) in your bath, and this not only softens the water (and therefore your skin), but smells sensational:  roses, roses all the way.  (With a drop or two of jasmine and sandalwood, to make the whole experience even more sensual.)  It's called 1001 roses because that's the equivalent of what goes into every jar, from both rosa Damascena and rosa centifolia petals.

That softening effect comes from skin-compatible goat's miilk (which is one ingredient you can't smell, however), and it really does leave skin super-silky.

Shiffa is a Dubai-based spa brand whose creations are now available exclusively (for now) at Selfridges).  As one of their 'hero' ('heroine'?) products, 1001 Roses is slightly Cleopatra-priced - but what do you expect of a bath treat that's truly fit for a queen..?

UK readers find Shiffa 1001 Roses Luxury Bath Milk at£100 for 200 ml - buy here

US readers find Shiffa 1001 Roses Luxury Bath Milk at$150 for 200 ml - buy here