SenSpa Lava Clay Hair and Scalp Mask

Don't be put off trying this by imagining you're going to end up with some kind of mud pack set hard on your barnet. The reality is quite different - and really quite lovely. For sure the lava clay helps 'clarify' hair, but the texture's actually like a lavish, rich moisturiser. Which is really what it is: brilliant for coloured hair (like ours), and for repairing any sort of damage (over-use of heated appliances, etc.) The nourishing ingredients include Abyssinian oil (we wouldn't be surprised if this becomes 'the new argan') and coconut oil.

In our eyes SenSpa can do little wrong and this is another fab-scented 'winner', with its essential oils of exotic ylang ylang and jasmine, underpinned by cedarwood.

All it takes for intensive nourishment is 5-10 pretty blissful miniutes (though if your hair's particularly trashed, feel free to leave it on longer). We've found it leaves hair softer, manageable - and very, very glossy.

And at this price, you can afford to do what beauty editors like us prescribe, and slap it on once a week.

SenSpa Lava Clay Hair and Scalp Mask/£6.95 for 300 ml at