Seche Nail Lacquer

Open any nail pro's kit and you'll find a bottle (or two) of Seche Vite (say it Sesh Veet) - because it is quite simply one of the greatest top coats ever invented:  not only does it dramatically (and we really mean that) speed up drying time, but it also armour-plates nails so the manicure is really chip-resistant.  No wonder, then, that Seche Vite is the top-selling top coat in the world. So we were understandably super-excited to hear that Seche has now ventured into a polish range.  (So darned obvious:  why did it take them so long...?)  As you'd expect, the results are really durable - we're still chip- and wear-free after five days (though of course we did finish with a coat of Seche-Vite itself) - and are very taken indeed with the suitably finger-on-the-pulse shade range.

Choose from couple of dozen in all;  the shimmers are glorious - but you'll find plenty of nudes and soft roses, plus true reds.  You can definitely get away with one coat (it's designed for that), though two enhance endurance and depth of colour.  We recommend the rather fabulous 'Virtual Brush On' tool on their US website - see it here for a really good idea of how the shades will look on your hands.  (You can vary skintone and nail length and it is REALLY fun!)

Best of all (surprise, surprise!) it dries really fast.

Just think of it as the busy woman's nail saviour.

UK readers find Seche Nail Lacquer at - buy here US readers click here for more info about the polishes