Scentered Therapeutic Fragrance Balms

We have been using Scentered for a few weeks now, and we're pretty flipping impressed. Created by Lara Morgan - a whirlwind-esque dynamic businesswoman who has travelled the globe putting gorgeous 'amenity toiletries' (horrible words for lovely things) into the swishest hotels on the planet - Scentered is a 'portable aromatherapy' range which helps you shift your mood on the go.

(Or, in the case of Sleep Well, not on the go, but curled up in your own bed.)

Solid fragrances in stick format, they all happen to smell beautiful in their own right - complex blends of beautiful essential oils that may have strangers asking, 'Oooh, what perfume are you wearing?' But the nitty-gritty is: they work amazingly to mood-shift.

Choose from Focus, Escape, Love, Stress Less (this is definitely the one we're using up fastest!) and the aforementioned Sleep Well, which we like to smooth onto upper lip and get a nostrilful when our head hits the pillow. (Not sure if that's recommended - they're supposed to go onto pulse-points - but hey.)

Lightweight and portable, you can also carry them in-flight - and they truly are amazingly effective. New weapons in our de-stressing, sleep-seeking, too-much-to-do-in-too-little-time lives - and very welcome, too.

UK readers find Scentered Therapeutic Fragrance Balms at£14.50