SAVI Organics Scent Free Body Cream

Although to the team at Beauty Bible the fragrance of a product is often all-important, we know there are lots of people out there who are sensitive to them - particularly essential oils.  (Which is how come a dear friend of ours recently ended up in Cedars-Sinai after a facialist used a lavender-based product on her.) Not every reaction is that serious, but still:  there are plenty of people seeking an entirely fragrance-free body lotion who'll be thrilled by this:  a rich-but-non-greasy cream which nourishes well, leaving skin satin-y.  It's certified organic, from quite an extensive Aussie range - find them in the UK at  (We're told SAVI is also behind the first certified organic dreadlock hair range!)

For less sensitive souls, this lotion also comes fragranced (Vanilla and Spice, Spicy Sandalwood and Wellbeing, which has a spa-y scent Jo's rather fond of.)

But for those who are fragrance-averse - or who can even wind up in A&E after even the briefest encounter with an essential oil - this could be a beauty life-saver.

Maybe literally.

UK readers find SAVI Organics Scent Free Body Cream at£29.75 for 125 ml - buy here