Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap

Shower caps come very high on our list of indispensable must-haves and this one is, as the blurb, says ‘the queen’ of the species – actually, the Empress, we think… Designed specifically with the aim of protecting your bouffant barnet from the ravages of water and steam, Save The Blow Dry has the usual waterproof outside - and then boasts a special inner layer of ‘super moisture-eliminating micro-weave material, which ensures that humidity and condensation does not build up under the cap, causing frizz and flat styles’. And it really works.

It’s big enough to shield the longest, thickest mane, comes in a fetching pink patterned with bows, and is great value (think of the price of a blow-dry, or the effort of doing your own…)

Sarah pranced round the kitchen in hers (husband pronounced it ‘very fetching’), feeling rather as if Beauty Bible had just acquired a role as a maverick parlour maid in Downton.

UK readers find Save The Blow Dry Shower Cap at£14.95 - buy here