Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF20

We love double-duty products.  But we're not sure what to call something that performs five tasks in one?  Quintuple-duty?  Guess so. This moisturises beautifully.  It's an absolutely FANTASTIC primer - which is the real allure for us;  the canvas it creates for make-up is like the smoothest silk.  Light-reflective pigments give an instantly 'airbrushed' finish (and it really does have a line-blurring effect).  As if that wasn't enough, there are mattifying ingredients (and we've used it for 'blotting' shiny skin later in the day, simply tapping on over our make-up).  Importantly, it's also protective:  an SPF20, as advertised, but also antioxidants, too.

Which probably explains why burlesque queen Dita Von Teese has been raving about it lately, too.  We're not generally big on 'celeb' mentions at Beauty Bible (we leave that to everyone else), because they're generally pretty meaningless - but when a woman famed for her lily-pale, perfect skin raves about this, we're happy to add her endorsement to ours.

UK readers find Sarah McNamara Miracle Skin Transformer Face SPF20 at£38 for 1.7 oz - buy here