Sarah Loves... January

Summer-scented shower gel, complexion magic, a bath-time super-soother, fabulous foot lotion and a lovely lipstick...

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton Shower Gel and Body Milk


When that leaden duvet January sky lies heavy, this fresh-as-an-early-summer-day scented trio – there’s an eau de toilette too (not pictured at the top of the page) – really lift my spirits. From this lovely Greek brand that specialises in natural products, they are incredibly good value too.

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton Shower Gel£9 for 250 ml –buy here

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton Body£10 for 125 mlbuy here

Korres Iris Lily of the Valley Cotton£29 for 50 mlbuy here

Innovative Skincare Instant Smoothing Gel

If you are A Bright Young Thing with perfect skin, you wont need this. But if you are d’un certain age (as Jo puts it), with a few or more signs of ageing, you will wish you could bathe in it. You can’t. But you can see the dramatic and yes, instant, effects on the appearance of your skin. The combination of potent botanicals, peptides and growth factors (one of the founders was a geneticist), plus ‘intelligent proteins’ (give them a bunch of gold stars!), helps smooth fine lines and wrinkles and reduce puffiness and dark circles - plus it helps repair damage longer term. OK so this really is an investment – although you only need a wee bit. But if you can dig deep in your purse, it is really truly deeply worth it. Please save up!

Innovative Skincare Instant Smoothing Gel£92 for 15 mlbuy here

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes

Our bodies need magnesium for practically every function, and more to the immediate point, it’s known as nature’s calmer and soother, both for mind and body. I first heard about its benefits as a bath soak from a leading researcher (not into minerals) who told me, firstly, we were pretty well all deficient in it, secondly, it is quickest absorbed topically and, lastly, that she put it in her’s and her children’s bath every night. All I know is that popping a handful or two in the bath when I am stiff and a bit achey from mucking out stables relaxes me to such an extent I nearly drift off in the bath, and certainly after. Oh, and it makes my skin soft as silk.

BetterYou Magnesium Flakes£9.95 for 1kg – buy here and you’ll also receive and exclusive 5% discount at the checkout

FACE Stockholm Cranberry Veil Lipstick

By the time you read this, FACE Stockholm's new on-line shop should be up and whizzing. For those of you who don’t remember the signature black and white bags (long before other brands got on the b/w bandwagon - though uber-chic Chanel was of course there for decades...), Face Stockholm - started by a Swedish fashionista in the early 1980s - used to be a big player on the cosmetic stage. Then, what happened? It just disappeared… So I was delighted to hear it’s back in the UK and Eire, in some stores but mostly by mail order and on-line. This sheer lipstick is just pitch perfect.

FACE Stockholm Cranberry Veil at£21 - buy here (or come back if their site's not up yet!)

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion

All foot lotions were not created equal. This is so much much MUCH better than anything else. Created by the podiatrist who is a legend in foot-y circles, it contains emu oil (they are farmed for their meat and the oil is a by-product - so not good for veggies), and it moisturises like nothing else I have ever tried. What’s more you really only need a small amount, daily or every other day depending on your feet: one bottle lasted me at least three months - and I really treat mine tough, what with walking all the time and encasing them in riding boots the rest...

Margaret Dabbs Intensive Hydrating Foot Lotion at£25 for 200 mlbuy here and you’ll also automatically receive an exclusive 5% discount at the checkout