Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse

This isn’t like any other cleanser we’ve ever tried. Can’t really categorise it with creamy cleansers, liquid cleansers, and definitely not balm cleansers or the new ‘micellar waters’: it’s something completely innovative, from our superfacialist friend Sarah Chapman. Rapid Radiance Cleanse It certainly can’t be used round the eyes, although it does effectively remove make-up from elsewhere on the face.

Essentially, it’s a mud-based product – featuring French green clay, kaolin, sweet almond oil, salyicylic acid and lactic acid - which draws impurities from skin while it ‘re-energises’ the complexion. And it really does. Skin looks much, much more ‘revved up’ and feels more deeply clean than with a regular cleanser. (Provided you do use a specific eye make-up remover, too).

But here’s the thing: you can also leave it on, as a two-minute treatment. So: we suggest applying the cleanser before tooth-brushing, and when that’s done, removing it – and all the day’s gunk, grime and goop, with it, with pore-cleansing enzymes working alongside the clays de-clog.

Unlike many clay treatments, NB, it doesn’t set hard, and doesn’t dry out skin – although we do get the merest ‘tingle’ while it’s on the skin. What we’re doing is now using this a couple of nights a week, and our regular cleanser the other nights.

And while it may be getting dingier out there, the same can’t be said of our complexions.

UK readers find Sarah Chapman Skinesis Rapid Radiance Cleanse at£29 for 100 ml – buy here