Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment

We're always wittering on about slathering face masks onto your hands when you put them on your faces - but one of our all-time-fave facialists, Sarah Chapman, has now created a targeted deep treatment that works a bit of a miracle, overnight. It's a rich, oily serum that sinks in rapidly - but by morning, hands look less crepey and feel satin-smooth.  We're seeing improvements to nails (and most definitely cuticles) after using for just a couple of weeks.

There are eight powerful oils, including argan, chia seed, sea buckthorn, baobab (you're going to be hearing a lot more about THAT, trust us), married with high-tech patented ingredients and vitamin A, to target age spots.

Three pumps before bedtime is all it takes;  focus on the backs of the hands, and the nails.  Sarah recommends a deep, massaging technique.  (As she would:  her own hands are magic).  If your poor paws are in need of a bit of extra loving during the day, one pump works a treat to smooth and soften - and trust us:  this really is absorbed fast, so you don't need to take to a chaise longue while it gets to work.  (As if...!)

It couldn't now be simpler to give your hands the same well-deserved TLC as your face, while you slumber.

UK readers find Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Hand and Nail Treatment at£35 for 15 ml - buy here