Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment

There's almost a tug-of-war when a new Sarah Chapman product lands in the Beauty Bible office. 'Mine!'  'No, mine!'  We love her stuff that much.  (And so do testers, who've awarded very high marks to the superfacialist's anti-ageing range, in the past.)

We welcome this new launch as a mark that the British woman, finally, understands that ageing isn't just something that happens above the vest-line.  However, you'd apply this for the sheer pleasure factor - not just because it's an incredibly effective anti-ager.  (In the couple of weeks we've been using it - having finally brokered a deal on who got to try it - there's definite improvement in crêpiness, dryness and elasticity on the arm and leg it's been trailled on for comparison.)

The texture's almost like an oil, but sinks in faster.  Ingredients include argan, coconut, camellia flower, baobab and sacha inchi oils, plus vitamins A, C, and E - and the high-tech elements that Sarah likes to blend with her naturals, including Matrixyl peptide, something called 'Collageneer', Juvinity™ - plus circulation-boosting guarana.  As with Sarah's Skinesis Overnight Facial, the scent invites diligent slathering, with its blend of flower essential oils including rose and jasmine.

We literally cannot wait till our Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible testers get their hands - and their arms, and their thighs and everything else - on this.  Because we've a hunch they'll see the same visible improvements we have.

Shame the improvements are all going to be covered up by opaques and woollies for a few months, but we say:  make like a Frenchwoman, and make bodycare a year-round ritual.

UK readers find Sarah Chapman Skinesis Overnight Body Treatment at£49 for 120 ml - buy here