Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial

Sarah Chapman: how do we love thee...? Let us count the ways.

And there's one more reason to love this fabulous facialist, now - with her new 'Morning Facial' product.

Overnight Facial has countless fans: a rich, nurturing oil-serum formulation which really is one of those sleep-in-a-bottle innovations - just fantastic for reviving weary, tired skin by the time the alarm goes off.

To be honest, we were a teensy bit wary of trying this in the morning - because it shares the oil-serum texture as 'Overnight', and we were worried it would be hard to apply make-up over the top. Needn't have fretted. Just smooth a drop or two of Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial on over your moisturiser, give it 10 mins or so, and skin's silky - and has slurped up all the vitamin-charged goodness.

The skin-plumping oils (which feature along some higher-tech ingredients such as peptides) include baobab, seabuckthorn, borage, argan and something called nyamplung oil (oh, how we love an ingredient that challenges our botanical knowledge: it's actually from the almonds of the Calophyllum inophyllum tree, which flourishes in Indonesia and is known for its therapeutive and skin-active properties).

But whatever: this latest Sarah Chapman innovation could just turn you into a morning person.

UK readers find Sarah Chapman Skinesis Morning Facial at£45 for 15 ml - buy here