Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skin Insurance SPF30

While popping in to meet the lovely superfacialist Sarah Chapman at her stunning new Chelsea clinic recently, Jo took advantage of some of the amazing high-tech ‘toys’ on offer, including a machine which reads your complexion and tells you how you’re doing for your age – comparing age spots, sun damage, wrinkles and pore levels with others sharing your birth year. Jo came out rather well. (Phew! But then: we do practice what we preach.) However, it renewed her determination to use sunscreen on all but the dreariest days – not least because of this product, which is just so nice to use.

Skin Insurance SPF30 offers a really good level of protection, and has a wonderfully silky ‘slip’ texture. What makes it an easy habit to get into using is the amazing skin-perfection action, thanks to light-scattering powders and ‘intelligent adaptive tints’.

It’s lightly hydrating – but probably not enough at this time of year, so Jo’s been layering it over a favourite moisturiser. (It’s so lightweight, that works well; Skin Insurance SPF30 sinks right in really quickly, and isn’t greasy or oily at all).

PS A full report on the facial itself – in these utterly beautiful surroundings – will follow, after Jo’s appointment in a couple of weeks.

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