Santhilea Magnetic Lash

When Jo was at QVC recently for a Beauty BIble one-hour live show, she was given this by the creator, Santhilea herself, who was sharing her dressing room. And it's truly extraordinary. Now, like Jo, Santhilea has really skimpy lashes, naturally. So she developed this two-phase mascara to boost them.

Normally, Jo would find a product like this too much of a faff. Two different silver tubes (one a 'base' and one the fibres)...? Three steps...? Really...? But wow.


The results are truly worth it - truly a false lash effect. (So-called 'false lash' mascaras have never done anything for Jo.)

The first coat of Magnetic Mascara is like a primer. Then, while still wet, you sweep on the Lash Builder - which has lots of little fibres that cling to the lashes you've got, making them look longer and thicker. Finally, when that's dry, you sweep on a top coat using the first product again - which prevents smudges and specks. (The only time Jo has ever had problems with this mascara is when she forgot to do the third step.)

It comes off easily at the end of the day. But till then? Long, lustrous, fat lashes.

You might like to watch the video here, if you need convincing.

Jo says she'd be lying if she said she uses this every single day - but whenever she's got appointments - or those QVC appearances - it's become an essential.

As she says, 'Short-lashed, stubby-lashed, skinny-lashed women: rejoice...'

UK readers find Santhilea Magnetic Lash Mascara at£24.99 - buy here