Sanctum Travel Bags

You're unlikely to find us hanging out much at Sanctum, Soho's 'rock 'n' roll hotel'. (In bed early with a spritz of This Works Deep Sleep and a mug of Ovaltine, us.) However, they do make some very marvellous sponge bags. Designed by (yes) a famous tattoo artist, Dan Gold - who's 'inked' everyone from Kate Moss to Britney Spears, our favourite from the fairly extensive collection of different sized bags is this Rose Skull Cosmetic Purse, which fits a generous stash of make-up.

But we've also bagged (as it were) the Biker Skull Large Travel Bag for an upcoming 18-year-old's birthday, and plan to fill it with great grooming essentials (there's room for quite a regime). And we know he'll just love it.

So: we'll never get tattoos. We're about as likely to get on a motorcycle as abseil down The Shard. But these? They do sort of bring out our inner rock chick.

(She's in there somewhere.)

UK readers find Sanctum Soho Rose Skull Cosmetic Purse/£12.50 and Sanctum Soho Biker Skull Large Travel Bag/£24 at