Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs

The day when we will first joyously whip off those tights and get our legs out is – blissfully – fast approaching.  (So we are told, anyway.) Which can be something of a shock, since they often look like something that has been hidden under a rock for the past six months:  washed-out, almost ghostly.

This is a super-fast fix:  flip open the top and smooth on this featherweight leg make-up - which honestly does give the same, skintone-smoothing effect of wearing sheer tights.  Creamy but sheer, this Airbrush Legs formulation is nevertheless brilliant at concealing fine red veins - which legs are especially prone to as we age.

It’s budge-proof till you go at it with a sponge and soap or body wash.

We call it:  instant leg confidence, in a tube.

UK readers find Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs at£9.99 for 75 ml - buy here US readers find it at$19.99 - buy here

PS  For a total instant leg makeover, we recommend buffing legs with an oil-rich body scrub, rinsing and patting them dry, then smoothing in Airbrush Legs.