Win S5 skincare to help your skin win the battle


Three Beauty Bible readers can choose a set of skincare for their individual skin type and issues, each set worth from £118

First things first: we are huge fans of Laura Rudoe, the skincare expert who founded S5 (and sister brand Evolve Beauty) and formulated all the products. They’re hand made in small batches in the company’s Hertfordshire studio, by the way – no mass production here.

Laura first created S5 in 2012 ‘to solve skin issues’. As a former acne sufferer, she knew just how bad she felt when her skin problem flared up and how it affected her confidence. (Sarah is with her on this: her brother used to call her ‘Spotty Muldoon…’.) Laura says passionately that her mission with S5 is ‘to transform people’s skin and improve their lives’. She also shares what she’s learnt about eating well and following a healthy lifestyle. 

So S5 offers five different skincare rituals, all based on super effective, naturally bioactive ingredients. These are sourced from the extremes of nature (think high altitudes, desert, marine and rain forest), where plants have adapted to be resilient to the stressors.

Each of our three winners can choose one prize from the following sets. When the winners are notified, they will be offered their choice of options at that point.

Sensitivity Neutralise Cleanser (usually £24 for 100ml), Calm Serum (£52/30ml) and Serenity Cream (£46/50ml)

Blemishes Neutralise Cleanser (£24/100ml), Purity Serum (£48/30ml) and Balance Fluid (£46/50ml)

Dryness Nourish Cleanser (£32/100ml), Replenish Serum (£52/30ml) & Restore Cream (£46/50ml) = total £130

Ageing Nourish Cleanser (£32/100ml), Renew Serum (£64/30ml) and Restore Cream (£46/50ml)

Pigmentation Nourish Cleanser (£32/100ml), Illuminate Serum (£52/30ml) and Serenity Cream (£46/50ml)

This is such a special company and we are confident you will love the products as much as we do.  For a chance of winning, fill in the simple form below. We do also recommend browsing the website, which is full of useful and inspiring information.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 20th February 2019