Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbet Body Lotion

These are a lovely, lovely, lovely way to hydate skin which (if yours is anything like ours) is beginning to look a bit papery, after a couple of months under layers. They're from Roger & Gallet - so fab scents are a given. But they also blend oils of aloe vera, avocado and meadowfoam oils with the 'magic' ingredient: micro-pearls, which give an instantly luminous finish to skin. (Perfect for bits you're going to be exposing in a party frock.) They do, apparently, offer 24 hour moisturisation: we haven't timed this, but skin does look decently dewy for some hours.

Four scents to choose from: we like the energisingly lemony Citron Sorbet Body Lotion and invigorating Bois d'Orange Sorbet Body Lotion. (The other fragrances aare Ginger - which is also said to be a 'firming' formula - and Osmanthus.)

There's a special application technique, too, for optimum benefits... (If you have a little more time. Which, to be honest, we usually don't.)

1 Apply a few presses to the palm of your hand and then rub your hands together for a few seconds to warm the lotion.

2 Apply to your body in sweeping movements, working upwards in vertical strokes from your ankles to your knees and from your wrists to your shoulders.

3 Use gentle massaging movements on all curved areas (buttocks, stomach, chest), working in a clockwise direction.

4 Finish by using your fingertips to make light raking movements to warm the skin and stimulate microc-circulation.


UK readers find Roger & Gallet Lait Sorbet Body Lotion at£14 for 200 ml - buy here