Rituals Miracle Scrub Hand Scrub

Sometimes, soap and water just doesn't cut it, when it comes to getting hands super-clean. (Especially after gardening.) This is a very lovely way of buffing hands clean, which also leaves them super-soft - so you needn't use a hand cream, if you're pushed for time. It's gentle-but-effective: completely non-scratchy, but look at your hands afterwards and you can see a definite 'brightened' effect. Touch them, though, and you get satin, silk - a really smooth effect that really does sort of live up to the 'miracle' name, actually.

It's got a pretty but subtle fresh-fruity scent (we're getting mango), and features extracts of ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Pride of place next to the kitchen taps, we've given it. (And oh, we do love a brand new find!)

UK readers find Rituals Miracle Scrub Hand Scrub at www.johnlewis.com/£11.50 for 75 ml - buy here