Rituals Life Is A Journey Car Perfume

Not surprisingly we are't exactly big fans of those little smelly 'Christmas trees' that dangle from many a mini-cab mirror. But these are something else entirely.

The wooden diffusers fit into the dashboard fan on your car (trust us, it works), and as the air wafts through them, gently fill the car with one of four different scents.

Our not-terribly-seasonal favourite is Spring Garden (we're fans of both the key ingredients, clary sage and vetiver).  Maybe you prefer aromatic eucalyptus and rosemary, in which case go for Hammam.  The others are Sacred Fire - sandalwood and copaiba incense - and Sakura, which is (yes) cherry blossom, plus rice milk.  Each lasts for around eight weeks (though obviously, it depends a bit on how far you drive).

If you share your car with a smoker, they're a godsend.

And if not?  Sure beats the scent of traffic fumes, we say.

UK readers find Rituals Life Is A Journey Car Perfume at www.uk.rituals.com/£10 - buy here