Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation

Once upon a time, we counselled women never to buy inexpensive foundations:  a good base is definitely worth a 'splurge', we'd say.  But that was then - and this is now.  And Rimmel's latest foundation launch is downright fabulous:  perfect for the 'new' season, a velvety, skin-melting mousse texture that offers surprisingly good coverage for more mature skins, never mind fresh young faces - yet almost feels like you're not wearing foundation at all.  If you've ever been put off 'matte' foundations thinking they're dull and flat, this will also convert you.  And at just under six quid, we'd say it rivals other bases at five (if not more) times the price. UK readers find Rimmel Stay Matte Liquid Foundation at www.boots.com/£5.99 for 30 ml - buy here