RikRak Candle Collection

Since it opened last year, Ham Yard has become beauty editor HQ: on any given morning or afternoon, you'll find the restaurant, bar and conservatory chocka, with PRs showing us their latest launches. Much air-kissing dabbing, sniffing and slathering goes on (and quite a bit of cake consumption, too). File under: it's a tough job, but you've got to do it somewhere... It was in the loos that we first encountered the RikRak collection, by Firmdale Hotels' design guru and co-founder Kit Kemp - a woman who's got more style in her little toenail than most of us can aspire to in a lifetime. And she's clearly got a prety good sense of smell, too: the fragrances are just fab.

There are hand washes, hand creams - and wonderful scented candles. Gardenia Greenleaf is exactly what it says: a cool, white floral with green touches, fusing rose, orange blossom and gardenia, green leaves, fresh lilies and bergamot, softened by vanilla and ambe: 'the essence of an English garden in full bloom...'

Gardenia Greenleaf is our favourite for the body, while Juniper & Lavender is our candle choice - in this case, 'a herb garden after the rain'. And it really is.

We haven't yet explored the pillow sprays (created of course for the delectation of Firmdale guests), but who knows? Next time we're locked out, might be a good excuse to check in - and check 'em out.

UK readers find the RikRak Candle Collection at www.brummellsoflondon.com/£38 for three candles