Revlon Parfumerie™ Nail Enamel

You just caught us sniffing our nails. An etiquette blunder, perhaps, but just can't resist. The Revlon Parfumerie™ Collection offers 20 shades, each with a different scent that matches the shade. OK, so the fragrances are never going to be up there with Chanel No. 5, but this is an intriguing new dimension to painting your fingernails - and we're enjoying it!

Favourites so far? African Tea Rose (a gorgeous deep pink), Wild Violets (think you can guess the shade for that), and gorgeous classic brown Espresso.

We're now faced with a challenge: should we choose a shade because of the colour - or the scent…? Decisions, decisions...

UK readers find Revlon Parfumerie™ Nail Enamel exclusively at£6.49 each - buy here