Révive Fermitif SPF15 Neck Renewal Cream SPF15

We kind of think it should just be the law to incorporate an SPF15 in a neck cream.  (At least, a 'day' neck cream.) The neck - and especially the chest - are super-vulnerable to sun damage, as well as the tug of gravity.  (Darn it.)  When a cream's this pleasurable - luscious, instantly smoothing, and scented with roses - it positively invites diligent application, which is certainly the point with neck creams.  As Neck Renewal Cream is smoothed in, it invisibly shields against UV damage with a blend of effective (chemical) sunscreens.

Révive, in case you don't know the range, is a luxe American range created by a Harvard-trained plastic and reconstructive surgeon, Dr. Gregory Brown.  He observed that although the scalpel can lift and tighten, there's no surgical procedure to fix lacklustre skin - and so this range was born.  It's expensive, we aren't denying.  (But probably not compared to a facelift.)

And anyway, we're featuring it not just because it's a divine product - but (sticking out our somewhat smoother necks, here) as a nudge to the rest of the cosmetic industry, to get their SPF act together, when it comes to the décolletage.

Because this really is a zone of the body where prevention is way, way easier than fixing the problem, once it's there.

UK readers find Révive Fermitif SPF15 Neck Renewal Cream SPF15 at www.liberty.co.uk /£85 for 75 ml - buy here US readers find it at www.reviveskincare.com/$150 for 75 ml - buy here