Renouve Anti-Ageing Hand Sanitizer

We wrote about Renouve before, when it was gifted to the fashion press at London Fashion Week – but now the hot, sticky summer season is upon us, this good-looking bottle is earning its slim place in our handbags several times over.  (We love hot weather, sure – but we hate the grubby feeling that often comes with it.) This is a godsend for times when you want to feel clean, fast:  it kills 99.9% of all germs – but more than that:  Renouve is an instant hand de-ager. Smooth the serum into skin, and it plumps it up – so hands look (and feel) more velvety, in a moment.  When we manage to bag a seat on the Tube, right now, it’s the first thing we reach for when we sit down.

Best of all, Renouve is now accessible to all (rather than a cult-y, niche product that’s just hard to get your, um, filthy hands on).  Our friend Gill (Sinclair) has sleuthed it out for Victoria Health, where it's available with  a couple of different 'looks'.

Our hands are now officially ready for a grime wave.  And so can yours be.

UK readers find Renouve Anti-Ageing Hand Sanitizer at£22 for 30 ml – buy here