REN Vita Mineral Emollient Rescue Cream

If you're going to be standing around stomping your feet getting a chapped nose and hands round a bonfire tonight, you'll want to know about this. In fact, if you plan to spend any time outdoors this winter, it could be your new foul-weather friend:  a rich barrier cream, designed to shield and nourish skin, with squalene, glycerine, lingonberry and cranberry seed oils - and all wonderfully fragrant with Damascene rosewater (in common with much of REN's range).

(FYI, REN just had a bit of a play-around with that range, actually - so if you've previously used their bestselling day moisturiser, Vita-Mineral Day Cream, you might want to know that one's been renamed Daily Supplement Moisturising Cream.  It's still a really great 'everyday' moisturiser - but not to be confused with this mega-rich 'emollient rescue' version.  Never quite sure why brands get it in their heads to do that, but thought we'd update you.)

Our extra tip:  if you get a cold, slather this soother round the nasal area to prevent flakiness once you've stopped blowing.

Meanwhile, it's really rather good for faces - or any exposed bits.

UK readers find REN Vita Mineral Emollient Rescue Cream at£19 for 50 ml - buy here