REN Rose Experience Gift Set

We've never quite been sure why, but rose-scented products always seem to be a sure-fire hit with our readers. Maybe because there's something so utterly cocooning and pampering about the smell of rose. But there's rose and there's rose - and the roses which are packed into this range from REN smell particularly soft, sensual and downright sublime. Maybe as a result, the REN Moroccan Rose Bath Oil is one of the highest-scoring Relaxing Bath Treats our testers have ever trialled, earning comments like: 'This product is heaven: if there are 10 products to try before you die, this is one of them!', and 'when I feel low, I smell the bottle - and that alone lifts me...'

Here, that stellar award-winner is accompanied by three equally delectably-fragranced bath and body indulgences which we think make for a pretty foolproof gift for just about any female on your Christmas list. There's a Moroccan Rose Body Wash, and two body treats which work well when layered: we like to apply the Moroccan Rose Body Cream, followed by the 'matching' oil to seal in that moisture. (And NB: don't fall for that old wives' tale about applying body lotion to damp skin. Always pat dry before applying, or you'll just dilute the product and diminish its effectiveness.)

Do you wish for everything to come up roses in a friend's life...? We can't think of a nicer way to say it.

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