REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial

This is something just brilliant for those mornings when you've woken up (kinda), but your face definitely hasn't. Massage this pale green, ever-so-slightly-grainy gel into your face, and then dampen fingers. Massage again, in circular movements. You'll experience almost a quiet fizzing - which is the complexion-brightening vitamin C in the product being activated.

Continue for just one minute and then rinse (in our case, with our staple muslin cloths). Then look in the mirror - and we'll bet you anything you like that your face appears more vibrant, glowing and generally 'awake'. The idea is that you use this three times a week (or so), but we certainly have it on hand for early morning wake-up calls. (It's suitable for all skintypes, by the way.)

We're waiting to see what happens to REN next: it's been acquired by Unilever (who also own Elizabeth Arden). We hope that the innovation they're known for continues apace - but for now? Our faces are enjoying this absolutely instant face-waker muchly.

UK readers find REN Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial at£32 for 75ml