Rainbow 5 Volumising Brush

Here's another brilliant 'find' from our beauty sleuth goddess/friend Gill Sinclair, uncovered on her recent global travels.

Jo is on record as saying this is 'the most amazing hairbrush I've ever used in my entire life' - and stand absolutely 100% behind that statement. Sad creature that she is, Jo's stockpiling these to give to friends for Christmas. (Yes, we know it's only January - but she's that kind of girl.)

Something about the wiggliness of the S-shaped bristles creates 'air pockets' in hair, making it just brilliant for reviving a blow-dry that's gone flat and delivering instant volume without product or heat. It's very gentle, doesn't tug - an all-round winner, in other words.

It also happens to be quite the prettiest hairbrush we've ever seen, non? And even better: this handbag-sized brush features a mirror on the back (one of those duh-why-didn't-anyone-think-of-that-before innovations), so you can admire your new-found pouffiness.

UK readers find Rainbow 5 Volumising Brush at www.victoriahealth.com/£12 - buy here