Radical Skincare Extreme Repair

Right now, with the our new Dyson heater purring quietly in the corner, skin’s drying out fast. This luscious creation from Radical Skincare, though, is proving worth its weight in peptides: really double-creamy in texture, helping to rebuild skin’s barrier while performing age-defying functions. (A micro-algae ingredient stimulates cell function, while the peptides help boost production of collagen and elastin, for skin ‘bounciness’.)

There isn’t a dry skin out there which wouldn’t benefit from a drink of this – from a really interesting brand. (FYI their product creator, Lionel de Benetti, was for years at Clarins.) Radical was created by two sisters (you can read their story here), and their philosophy – on kindness, family, intuition, giving (and just simply saying ‘yes’ to life)– really chimes with ours. For more about ‘Radical Living’, then, simply click here.

And if maybe you don’t have time for a dollop of radical thought along with your moisturiser? Extreme Repair may well be what your thirsty skin (as well as your hungry mind) needs this winter.

UK readers find Radical Skincare Extreme Repair at www.feelunique.com/£100 for 50 ml – buy here