Q Everyday Fine Fragrance Body Spray

Primark and Prada. That's how most of us shop (or would like to), nowadays. And so it is with fragrance. To be honest, though, we wouldn't have been caught dead wearing a body spray for - well, probably the last 30 years. But actually, these 'everyday fine fragrance body sprays' from Q are rather wearable - and when you're on a budget, worth sniffing out.

One thing we do know: often, these sorts of mass market products are worked on by the same leading 'noses' who create fine fragrance. We're not sure who was behind these, but Q's body sprays are really quite unusually sophisticated. In their won research, Q found that most more - um - 'mature' women wouldn't go near a body spray, and formulated these accordingly to be more 'grown-up'.

So:  there's Q: Awe, fresh/citrus, opening with bergamot and Sicilian lemon, with a cooling green tea accord that gives way to summery freesias, then amber, cedarwood and musk. (Our favourite, this.)

Q: Radiance is a modern floral, with notes of champaca flower (quite exotic, that), mandarin and ivy, a heart of rose, violet and orchid - and fruity undertones of wild plum and blackberry musk.

Last but not least, find Q: Balance - a bright, luminous fruity-floral, with bergamot and pear blossom, a romantic floral heart (pink peony, orchid and stargazer rose) on a base of 'forbidden' woods and creme de musk.

They may never rival those precious dabs of your favourite designer scents - but if you don't wear fragrance everyday because you 'ration' it, you might just find yourself joining the queue for Q.

UK readers find Q Everyday Fine Fragrance Body Sprays at www.boots.com/£2.29 for 100 ml - buy here