Put your best face forward – win a small but mighty Foreo deep cleansing device


We have three new generation Foreo Luna Mini 2 sonic cleansing devices to give away, each worth £119

We’ve been Foreo fans since the brand launched in the UK. Leading facialist Abigail James, author of Love Your Skin, recommended it and we were hooked. With pollution now at record levels, it’s vital to deep-deep-deep cleanse your complexion to keep it healthy and looking radiant.

Foreo is the simplest thing in the world to use (good for Sarah, who is a lifelong technophobe): simply press the little indent on the front to start. Then the little silicone Touch-Points buzz and whir over your skin, reaching into the nooks and crannies to deeply cleanse pores. This new Luna Mini 2 offers eight adjustable pulsation intensities so you can choose to have a gentle cleanse or go all out whoosh for a powerful deep clean - all at the press of a finger.

Clinical trials show that the T-Sonic cleanse will remove 99.5 per cent of dirt, oil and make-up residue. It also works to exfoliate dead skin cells, so skincare penetrates more easily and effectively, plus it helps to diminish the appearance of any open pores so your skin texture looks smoother and more refined. (And no, we don't quite understand how the sonic bit works but it really doesn't matter, promise!  It really really does…)

We tend to use our Foreos in the shower – it’s totally waterproof – and the full charge lasts for five months, if you use it twice a day. Actually, we think once daily is plenty – even every other day if you have sensitive skin. Oh, one other thing: it’s great for anyone with acne and won’t spread any infection or naughty bacteria, as the little nodes are antibacterial.

So we are delighted that Foreo is offering three Beauty Bible readers to chance to try this really rather fabulous skin beautifying gizmo in gorgeous Fuchsia. But if you just can’t wait, you can whiz off and buy one now at www.foreo.com. Men love them too, by the way, but probably not in pink; they come in the five colours shown above so maybe Midnight?

For a chance of winning a new generation Foreo Luna mini 2, worth £119, simply fill in the form below.

Prize draw closes at 7 a.m. on Wednesday 31st January 2018