Piggy Soaps

Here is something rather fun for the weekend. We're currently wallowing in piggy pleasure with these so-cute soaps from the same team who created the extraordinary, hair-restorative Phylia de M. range, in L.A.  This clearly shows their lighter side:  a boxful of six chunky pig-shaped soaps, based on organic vegan oils.

Sub-titled 'From Muddy Fun Puddles to Suds & Cuddles', you do not have to be under 12 to enjoy these, however.  Got a friend who's pig-mad?  She'll be in hog heaven when she opens this gift box.

(Oh, isn't it useful when a chum has a favourite animal, or hobby?  Makes present-giving so much easier.  Alternatively, you could just be a greedy piglet and keep them for yourself...)

UK readers find Piggy Soaps at www.victoriahealth.com/£36 for six soaps - buy here