Phylia de M 3-Step Kit

This is one of those 'can £XXX for XYZ ever really be worth it...?' postings. And in this case, we're talking about £103 for a set of shampoo, conditioner and a product called Connect, designed to strengthen hair.  Phew.

But our verdict, having tried these products, is:  yes, provided your kids/partner/dogs/horses don't have to go hungry for you to buy these, then...

'Yes'.  They absolutely are.

Now, Sarah raves about this Phylia de M 3-Step Kit trio on this edition, if you click here.  It took Jo a little longer to get round to trying them, as she's completely rubbish at washing her own hair and had to sneak them into A Major West End Salon, to try them out before a blow-dry.

But we are all blown away by the results.  Based on entirely natural ingredients and packed with something called fulvic acid ( an ingredient proven to boost hair health - and even growth), these smell fantastic.  Just as importantly, in the short-term they have a clarifying action which has got rid of all product build-up and leaves hair, to quote Jo, 'shiny and swingy like a child's hair...'  It's brightened our highlights (NB for anyone concerned about use on coloured hair), and - unlike silicone-based products - the gloss really, really lasts. (Blooming brilliant for touchy scalps, too.)

Apparently half of Hollywood is raving about this range, which is based on research into natural ingredients by a Japanese cancer specialist, Dr. Dick Miyayama.  And we're, like, totally not surprised that it's going down a storm in Tinseltown.

The products are available individually, if you can't stretch to all three.

Though frankly, they're worth eBay-ing that cupboard full of unwanted clothes/knick-knacks/general c**p that you've been meaning to dispose of, to get your hands on them...

UK readers find Phylia de M 3-Step Kit/£103 at if you click here (Do go via the Victoria Health page on our site - just click here - to enjoy an automatic 5% discount added at checkout) US readers find it at$135 for the 3-Step Kit - click here