Philip B Oud Royal Fovever Shine Haircare

You slightly have to have the bank balance of a Qatari princess to get hooked on this, but if your dhow comes in we can't think of a lovelier hair care range with which to indulge yourself. Since Beauty Bible first launched we have been slavishly devoted to Philip B himself:  a whirling dervish of a hairdresser who gives the best blow-dries on the planet, talks 19 to the dozen and happens to be a genius at product innovation.

And fragrance.  Let's not forget fragrance, because it's the sexy, intoxicating, waft-you-to-paradise smell of this range which puts this in a kingdom of its own.  Oud, of course, being a fragrance ingredient du jour - not overpowering, here, but very sultry and sensual in an understated, come-closer-and-nuzzle-my-shiny-hair sweet-woody sort of way.

Sulfate-free, without parabens/phthalates/formaldehyde etc, the range is incredibly hydrating and also leaves hair very, very bouncy.  Particularly gorgeous, meanwhile, are the teensy particles of gold in the conditioner, which stay on the hair adding just a touch of shimmer.

Along with the Shampoo and Conditioner, there are styling options, too (equally gorgeously-scented):  a gel, and a 'shaping fiber'.  (Which sound like a powder but is actually a rich goo.  To be frank, haven't got our heads round using this last Oud treat yet, but we're working on it).

So when next your hair deserves the royal treatment, you know exactly which prince among hairdressers to seek out...

UK readers find Philip B Oud Royal at £20 for 178 ml Oud Royal Gravity-Defying Gel to £70 for the same size of Oud Royal Forever Shine Conditioner US readers find them at$28 - 85 - buy here