Penhaligon's Vanities Collection

'Layering' - relaxing in a scented bath, smoothing on a matching body lotion and then adding a spritz of scent - seems rather old-fashioned, these days.  Fact is, most of us have a wardrobe of fragrances and investing in the matching bodycare for all of them is beyond our budgets.  So Penhaligon's solution is this delectable range of bath and body treats which are specifically designed to work alongside any of their fragrances, with subtle top notes of orange, bergamot, mandarin and lemon, a soft floral heart of tuberose, violet, geranium and jasmine, and quietly pulsing base notes of musk, vanilla, amber and soft woods.  You can indulge in the Bath Oil, Bath & Shower Gel, Hand & Body Cream - or dust on the gorgeous Talcum Powder - safe in the knowledge it won't clash with your scent.  (Although frankly, this smell gorgeous enough to be enjoyed in their own right.) UK readers find Penhaligon's Vanities Collection at £16 for Talcum Powder (100 g) to £39 for Bath Oil (200 ml) - buy here