Paul & Joe Limited Edition Cat Protective Pressed Powder

Cuteness alert! The compact for this is just divine. We'll be whipping out ours and showing it off at table at the drop of a fascinator.

The powder inside's just perfect, too: a silky-textured formula which comes in two shades: there's a Lavender tone, but we'd recommend sticking with the Nude Beige, which suits all skintones.

It's supple and comfy-to-wear - not heavy like some. (There's also an SPF25, but that's only relevant where you apply it - and we don't suggest ear-to-ear, so don't rely on its sun-protective powers.)

But what won us over, truly, wasn't just the texture but the cute kitties on the packaging, and on the drawstring bag. (Which is great for carrying costume jewellery around - because really, who has time to keep their powder in a pouch of its own...?)

It has us purring.

UK readers find Paul & Joe Limited Edition Cat Protective Pressed Powder at£28