Paul & Joe Beauté Brushes

Sometimes, beauty editors lose their mojo.  Usually after a series of blah-blah-blah launches.  It happened to Jo, some years ago - but it was going to the launch of Paul & Joe's make-up which got her buzzing again, beauty-wise. We're still massive fans of this range, whose boudoir-chic packaging is a thing apart from anything else out there.  Quite simply, it brings out our feminine side (which is sometimes quite well-hidden under layers of mud from the garden).  And using these brushes to apply make-up is a gorgeous, pleasurable beauty gesture.

They're very high quality, for starters - but with their 'knicker pink' handles, are simply gorgeous.  We especially like the generous Face Colour Brush (£21.50) - that's the super-fluffy one - and the excellent Eye Colour Brush (£13.50), which is brilliant for shading sockets and generally blending shadow so it's seamless.

Meanwhile, they just cry out to be organised in this Brush Holder - which looks like a vintage vase you'd thrill to find in a junk shop.

So thanks Paul & Joe for continuing to make our lives a little bit more glamorous.

UK readers can find some Paul & Joe Beauté Brushes at or the whole range in store at Harrods/from £8.50 for the Sponge Tip Applicator to £21.50 for the Face Colour Brushbuy here