Panier des Sens Soothing Hand Cream

It's all rather uplifting on Beauty Bible this week, fragrance-wise:  yesterday we showcased Mary Greenwell's delicious new Lemon fragrance, and today, a hand cream that is a pure breath of spring, with some of the same 'notes':  lemon, mandarin, bergamot - plus artemesia and cypress in there, too. From a Provence-based company that's pretty new to us, it's got 20% shea butter making it rich-but-not-greasy.

Just great for hands which (if yours are anything like ours) are beginning to look a bit papery at this point in the central heating season, it comes in a squeezy metal tube which you roll up like a toothpaste tube when it's nearing its last.

And if we're spotted sniffing our hands anytime soon, this'll be why.

UK readers find Panier des Sens Soothing Hand Cream at£10 for 75 ml - buy here US readers find it at$17 - buy here