& Other Stories Natté Anti-Stress Sleeping Mask

Listen up: sleeping masks are about to become The New Big Thing. They just require a bit of brain readjustment, first. (Beginning with the realisation that these aren't something you put on over your eyes to keep the light out.)

Face masks, we've come to believe, are slathered on and swiped off again. But not 'sleeping masks': they're applied to cleansed skin, and then left to sink in overnight. The thinking? 'Baby' skin by morning, plumped up with all the moisturising, nourishing ingredients. (Which translates as: we think these are better for dry, thirsty complexions than oily complexions, who may find them cloggy.)

And so to this version - which we're loving, not least for the heavenly jasmine smell, which is just wonderful to enjoy as you waft sleep-wards. It's from & Other Stories - the sexy sister chain to H&M. (What do you mean you haven't been to one yet? Don't know what you're missing!)

Now, some 'sleeping masks' (like L'Occitane's forthcoming version, which we'll review soon) go on thick. This, by contrast, is applied in a fairly thin layer. Natural arginine helps boost circulation, while hyaluronic gives an overnight moisture boost. (The name? 'Natté' is the French word for braided fabric - and we're not sure of its relevance, either...!)

One of the bonuses of this 'sleeping mask is the 'beauty steal' price: just £9. Meaning that you can get your hands on - and your head around - this whole new category of beauty treat, without lying awake worrying about your budget.

UK readers find & Other Stories Natté Anti-Stress Sleeping Mask at www.stories.com/£9 for 30 ml