Origins Plantscription™ SPF25 Anti-Ageing Cream

OUR FAVOURITE NEW SPF MOISTURISER Under 30?  Don't be put off using this by the fact it's got the word 'anti-ageing' in the name.  In fact, as we know from our 'roadshows' with The Anti-Ageing Beauty Bible round the UK, many younger women are becoming anxious about ageing at a tender age - and our message is always the same:  'Prevention is better than cure'.  And trust us:  prevention is way better than the Botox that many young women are opting to have injected into their faces...!  (But more on that another time.)

This a truly wonderful-to-use cream (and if you've an oily/combination complexion, it's also available in an oil-free formula).  It smells - well, 'Origins-y' (we just invented a new adjective, but Origins fans will know just what we mean, as it has the distinctive light, citrus notes).  It's said to target four signs of ageing by tackling lines and wrinkles, skin texture, restoring lack of 'bounce' and having a lifting effect.  We haven't been using it for long enough to comment on that (we're hoping to send it to our diligent testers for their opinions, meanwhile) - but we do love the instant effect;  it's probably the SPF mineral ingredients which deliver a hint-of-radiance.

Origins tell us that the 'secret' ingredient is plant stem cells, with over 300,000 raspberry plant stem cells in every jar.  (There's a nice back-story there:  the raspberries come from a British ex-pat based in the Apennine mountains in Italy;  after the area was devastated by an earthquake in 1980, he rebuilt his home brick-by-brick and planted raspberry bushes outside.  The plump fruits now go into this Origins cream.)  Alongside the berries, meanwhile, is Plantscription's signature African anogeissus ingredient, an ingredient renowned for its wound-healing, anti-bacterial effects.

Whatever:  we love this cream and even though the days are short and it may be cloudy out there, it's a fab moisturiser for anyone worried about the ageing effects of UV light.

At any age.

UK readers find Origins Plantscription™ SPF25 Anti-Ageing Cream at£46 for 50 ml - buy here US readers find it at$0.00 for xx ml - buy here