Original Mineral Mini Minerals Maintain The Mane Gift Set

This is a terrific way to try a new-to-the-UK haircare range (from Down Under) that we're terrifically impressed by. Original Mineral began life as a haircolour brand, created by a colourist, Alan Buki, who developed contact dermatitis. (Though don't get too over-excited, because although the haircare's just landed here, Original Mineral's colourants are still only available in Australia and the US - for now.)  Hugely impressively, that colouring range - which spans every shade - is impressively free of ammonia, PPDs (the highly irritating ingredients which have a big health question mark over them), and Resorcinol.  (All three are known sensitisers.)

The haircare itself was developed to bridge the gap between natural and luxury - and it does just that, brilliantly.  There are quite a few more-natural-than-most styling products, and some truly fab shampoos and conditioners.  But oh, the packaging:  it's so cool and sleek and minimalist that it makes us want to go home, chuck everything out, and start again. (We won't:  cluttered bathrooms go with the beauty editing territory, but we're sure you know what we mean.)

We think this fab little kit is probably the best introduction to Original Mineral haircare:  it contains their 'heroes', including Detox Shampoo (you shampoo first with this), Maintain the Mane Shampoo and Conditioner (second step), Seven Day Miracle Masque (oh, we adore this), and Power Base: another deep treatment, packed with wheat protein, sweet almond and apricot oil, together with natural actives from Original Minerals's native Oz.  All the range is free from parabens, MIT, Triclosan and synthetic silicones, and instead is packed with natural goodness.  (Not 100% natural, but way more so than most.)  And did we say:  it smells just wondrous...?

We're pretty confident that anyone who tries these will want to 'graduate' to the big sizes, in their fab milk bottle-esque containers.  Pricy, yes - but as we always say:  unlike even your favourite jeans, boots or jacket, you wear your hair every single day.

Original Mineral also has what looks like the coolest hair salon on the planet - and we're dispatching our New York correspondent forthwith to report!  (Yes, we really do have one of those.  And boy is she in for a treat...)

UK readers find Original Mineral Mini Mineral Maintain The Mane Gift Set at www.selfridges.com/£29 for 5 x 50 ml - buy here