Organic Glam Orange Blossom Hand Wash and Hand Lotion

We predict this could nudge aside A Very Famous Hand Duo as the must-have for the smartest loos. And it's definitely on our Christmas wishlist.

Organic Glam (the 'glam' bit of Organic Pharmacy) has created a sublimely gentle hand cleanser and matching, softening hand lotion featuring their bestselling fragrance, Orange Blossom.  (It's the signature scent of Beauty Bible's Amy, and a favourite of ours.  As pretty as she is, actually.)

Wash and smooth your hands with this lot, and you get delicious little wafts of fresh but sensual orange blossom for a good while afterwards.

Absolute hand heaven, we call it.

UK readers find Organic Glam Orange Blossom Hand Wash/£29 for 250 ml, and Hand Lotion/£35 for 250 ml at - buy here