OPI Couture de Minnie

What shade of nail polish would Minnie Mouse wear?  We've a hunch it would be a brazen scarlet or hot fuchsia - which means OPI are spot-on, with this. Minnie MouseTheir latest collection (a collaboration with Disney) is a storming quintet of sultry summer shades including a fabulous red, eye-popping pink - and something akin to red and white polka dots, with the Minnie Style shade:  it has dazzling glitter particles which dot the nail. (You know, the kind you have to use an ice-pick to remove. Hey, ho!)

Should you be so inclined, there's also an interesting Liquid Sand Lacquer, which mattes nails down while adding sparkle.  (Not our thing, this one - but might be yours.)

A lovely bit of summer fun for nails - but definitely not for your mouse-y side.

UK readers find OPI Couture de Minnie at www.opiuk.com/£11.50 - buy here (or call 01923-240010 for stockists)

And check out Minnie Mouse's Wiki page here!