Omorovicza Blissful Frankincense Oil

Frankincense is a Marmite of an essential oil:  you love it or hate it. We're firmly in the first camp, not least for its skin regenerating powers.  (Frankincense was used in ancient times for mummification:  we figure if it can keep skin intact for millennia, it's got a lot going for it as an age-defier for a live complexion, too.)

This luscious body oil from is blissful by name, blissful by nature.  It has that signature frankincense fragrance, of course, but is also packed with Omega-3 oils, for radiant skin.  Truly rich, we recommend applying before bedtime when it can nourish overnight.  (This is not a slather-and-go product:  it takes a while to sink in, but as a result works well as a barrier to protect against moisture loss.)

Frankincense was one of the gifts from the wise men.  We say:  it's a gift to wise women, too.

UK readers find Omorovicza Blissful Frankincense Oil at£49 for 100 ml - buy here