Ogario London Travel Kits

We have been hooked on this fantastic haircare range - 'super-care', we'd call it - since we first encountered it at a Cosmetics Executive Women product demo evening. Then we encouraged Ogario London to enter it for our Beauty Bible Awards - and testers raved about the products as enthusiastically as we have. Now, there are two travel kits so that you can - like us - always have your Ogario to hand. (Or to head.) And if you haven't tried the products before, it's a brilliant way to find out what all the fuss is about.

Ogario Weekend BagFirst off, three dinky-sized products in the Ogario London Weekend Set: three 15 ml pots of shampoo, conditioner and the hair masque we love so much, stashed in a cotton travel bag. It's enough to discover how brilliantly the formulas - moringa, baobab, avocado and tamarind - help hydrate, and boost shine. (And enough for you to fall head over heels for the delicious zesty scent, too.)

Perfect for longer getaways is the Jet Set Collection - enough to get you through your summer holiday (enough product to get you through three weeks, they suggest - 100 ml of shampoo and conditioner, so it's security-friendly, plus 50 ml of the hair masque). Again, there's a drawstring pouch.

We're happy - because these smaller sizes means we're no longer lugging bottles to our hairdresser. (Ogario don't yet do a 'Sneak It Into Your Salon' kit, so we're making do with these.)

All the best things really do come in smaller sizes, now.

UK readers find Ogario London Travel Kits at www.orgariolondon.com/£6.50 for the Weekend Set, and £26.50 for the Jet Set (all the products in this last kit can be bought individually, NB) - buy here