Odilyque Creamy Coconut Cleanser

A fantastic choice for sensitive skins, this - as our Ultimate Natural Beauty Bible testers attest. 'Ten out of ten!', said one of our panellists. 'Did the job without irritating my sensitive skin. I will use it forever.' It's even recommended for skin prone to rosacea, in contrast to many harsher cleansers. Other comments include: ;

The creamy blend of extra virgin and coconut oils thoroughly lift off make-up, skin impurities and all that 'airborne dirt', as Essential Care put it. (Although NB: Essential Care is morphing its branding into 'Odilyque', but this is the same product which has been a longstanding favourite with their customers, as well as our readers. You'll currently find it sold under both names.)

With a gentle lemon and rose scent, it's actively soothing. Massage into skin and remove with damp cotton pads or a facecloth - and feel your skin go 'aaah'. (Definitely 'aaargh!')

UK readers find Odilyque Creamy Coconut Cleanser at www.essential-care.co.uk/£18 for 200 ml (or £7 for 30 ml, which makes a great intro to the product) - buy here