O Wow Brush

You've got to be bold to call a product 'O Wow', but these guys are spot on: that was our reaction from the moment we first applied foundation using this. Yes, it looks like a toothbrush - but the resuls are utterly flawless (and that's not a phrase we use lightly, NB).

The how-to is like this: squirt/squeeze foundation onto the back of your hand, and pick the product up with the velvet-soft bristles. Then work into skin: the foundation goes on more smoothly than with any foundation brush we've ever used, and delivers - hand on heart - an air-brushed finish. You can layer on more foundation but somehow, we find we're using less - to better result.

No streaks, no blending with a finger: this little baby does the lot, and is just so incredibly easy to use. Frankly, all our other brushes (even the really, really expensive ones) have gone in the bin - though you might want to get more than one, as it also works with blusher (and you want to keep that brush separate).

We have just two words. 'Oh, wow.'

UK readers find O Wow Brush at www.victoriahealth.com/£20 - buy here