Nourish Nutri-Rich Body Butter

This teeny visual doesn't really give an idea of the hefty jar this innovative, all-natural body butter comes in, but it's all we could lay our hands on. Small photo, big news, though.  Because Nourish has been created by Pauline Hili, who for years and years was closeted in the labs of Neal's Yard Remedies, creating their fabulous natural formulations.  Now she's gone solo (well, teamed up with an on-line dynamo, actually) - and we're liking what we're seeing, touching and smelling.

The range is straightforward, honest (organic percentages are listed, as are full ingredients not just on the packaging but the website) - and effective.  Pauline's signature strength has always been creating naturals that rival mainstream formulations, so you get the performance - but without the synthetics.  Nourish promises treats for face and body - and this example is just delicious:  almost gel-like, yet wonderfully rich - easy to slather from neck to toe, and (unlike some natural body butters we could name) it doesn't require lots of rubbing-in.

Age-defying ingredients include vitamin C and omega-intense Rosa mosqueta oil, hyaluronic acid, peptides and marine algae.  And yes, at last women outside France are grasping that there's a lot you can do to repair, restore and renew not just facial skin, but arms, legs, elbows, etc.  (Maybe our message is getting through!)

The scent, meanwhile, is wonderful:   uplifting with mandarin and orange, refreshing the senses as well as the skin.

Just the nourishment a body needs, now the central heating seems to be sapping every last molecule of moisture out of our bodies, in fact...

UK readers find Nourish Nutri-Rich Body Butter at£15.95 for 150 ml - buy here